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26000-tonne plastic waste generated in India Everyday

Over the years, the problem of plastic waste is increasing and now reached to 26000 tonnes daily, out of which 40% of the plastic waste remains uncollected soil and water pollution, choking in drainage and river system and open-air burning which leads to an adverse effect on human health and the environment.

There are 60 major cities in which one-sixth of the total plastic waste have been generated. Cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata generates 50% of the total waste from these 60 cities.
The study by the Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) reported every day these cities generate 4059 tonnes of plastic waste. Last year the CPCB had estimated the country-wide data and then submitted it to the Central ministry. The data shows that 10,376 tonnes out of 25940 tonnes of the waste remain uncollected.

The CPCB study also found that on an average 6.92% of plastic waste is generated out of the total municipal solid wastes(MSW) in India. It varies in different cities from % in Chandigarh to 12.4% in Surat, from 6% in Mumbai to 10% in Delhi. Around 94% of the total plastic wastes comprises of “thermoplastic” which is recyclable. The remaining 6% of the plastic wastes are thermoset and other categories of plastic which are non-recyclable.


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