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9 interesting facts about Christmas

1. The history of the Santa Claus with Coca Cola

The cute Santa Claus with the red suit a white beard didn’t always look that jolly. In fact, many people are stunned when they learn about the image of Santa back in 1931. Santa was a small elf-like figure who supported the people.
Then in 1931 Coca-Cola helped in shaping the image of Santa Claus as the company used to place it’s ads in popular magazines showing different patterns of drinking Santa Claus.

2. Winter Solstice to X-Mas Tree

The winter solstice with evergreens was marked by the ancient Egyptians as a spring reminder until Prince Albert introduced the tree (which we make on Christmas) to his new wife, Queen Victoria of England, from that time on it became a tradition to form a tree which we call a X-mas tree.

3. ‘Jingle Bells’ as earlier popular as a Thanksgiving song

In 1857, the song “One Horse Open Sleigh” written by James Lord Pierpont was re-published as “Jingle Bells” and became one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time.

4. Reindeer: The creature that pull Santa’s sled

Who haven’t heard about Rudolph the red nose reindeer which pull Santa’s sled. Since it wouldn’t be physical possible for Rudolph to pull sled alone which is filled fully with the gifts for every good child in the world so there are 8 other reindeers to him. They are called Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer and Blixen. Rudolph also known Santa’s ninth reindeer and it firstly appeared in 1939 in a book written by Robert L. May.

5. Plum Cake: Traditionally known as Christmas Cake

Cake is mandatory when it comes to celebrating New Year or Christmas and is one of the best part as a bunch of different flavoured cakes are available everywhere. These cakes are also called as plum cakes but, in fact, there are no plums in the cake. In medieval times raisins were known as plums and all the ingredients were stirred well in an East to West direction.

6. Christmas Stocking fillers

There is a tradition of putting Christmas stokings(a sock) near a fireplace to help Santa have a place to stuff the candies for the cheerful and bright childern all over the world.

7. There is a zip code owned by Santa in Canada

Since kids all around the world believe in Santa Claus. Every year, tons of letters are posted across the world during Christmas. Some Canadian Post Office workers started answering them. As more and more letters arrived, they set a zip code for Santa as part of “Santa Letter-Writting Program” literacy initiative. The zip code of Santa Claus is “HOH OHO”.

8. Mistletoe Kissing Tradition

Mistletoe is supposed to be a symbol of love, laughter and compassion. The funny this about mistletoe is the name itself has a funny meaning: Mistle thrush birds eat the plant’s berries, digest the seeds, and then the droppings eventually grows into new plants. The tradition of a kiss under the mistletoe is supposed to a way of asking for the blessings of the spirits of Christmas through the mistletoe.

9. Biggest Gift on Christmas

Do you know the Statue of Liberty was gifted by France to the USA as a Christmas gift in 1886.
There are many traditions and customs your kids can partake in the happiest time of the year. Remember to involve them in as many rituals as you can be it decorating the tree and house or making plum cakes. The festivities begin at home and will be treasured by children for years to come.


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