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All about top fastest bikes in India

Well, Indian roads aren’t suitable for the most expensive bikes but there are some brands like Suzuki, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Ducati, Aprilia, Honda and Yamaha which launched their models in India out of which some fastest and premium bikes are…

Congress President Rahul Gandhi called ‘NYAY’ as the diesel for Indian Economy

Under ‘NYAY’ scheme, Congress has promised to give annual income support of Rs 72,000 to poor families, if the Congress government has been formed. Congress President Rahul Gandhi claimed that unemployment is highest in 45 years and 22 lakh government…

Kerala Scientist who have created a low-cost bra which can detect breast Cancer!

On 8th March 2019, World Women’s Day, Dr. A Seema from Kerala (Thrissur) was honored by the highest civilian award for women- Nari Shakti Award- by President Ramnath Kovind for inventing such a bra which can detect breast cancer in…

Iphone users update your Whatsapp ASAP : An update is available which fixes the Face ID bug

A new bug came in front of iOS users which allows anyone to authenticate the app when face ID and touch ID is enabled. A new update of WhatsApp is available for iOS user which overcomes the biometric authentication bug….

Punjabi man madly in love with his daughter-in-law kills his own son

A Punjabi man reportedly killed his own son as he wanted to marry his daughter-in-law. On Tuesday, 62 years old Chhota Singh was arrested by Punjab Police for killing his 40 years old son Rajwinder Singh since he was in…