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Congress President Rahul Gandhi called ‘NYAY’ as the diesel for Indian Economy

Under ‘NYAY’ scheme, Congress has promised to give annual income support of Rs 72,000 to poor families, if the Congress government has been formed. Congress President Rahul Gandhi claimed that unemployment is highest in 45 years and 22 lakh government jobs are lying vacant.

“We will fill the vacancy in one year”, he added.

In addition to that, Rahul Gandhi said the Congress will deposit Rs 3.60 lakh in bank accounts of five crore women in five years, unlike Modi who, opened bank accounts of people but did not deposit anything in them.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to deposit Rs.15Lakhs in the bank account of each and every citizen of India which is a lie and not possible.

He said that the main aim of NYAY scheme is to give money to the poor families without effecting the Indian Economy.

“No farmer will go to the jail for not paying loans on time”, he added.


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