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Indore: A city where food is tradition

A wise man said “Indore is the synonym for food”, well he meant it because Indore is a city where food is tradition from 56 Dukaan to Anand Bazar, from Sarrafa to Sarvate, from Sapna Sangeeta to Bhawarkuwan you can see a great variety of delicious and mouth-watering food. At all these places you can enjoy food within your budget starting from:-

Street Food

The first thing you need to remember while visiting Indore is never say no to your friends if they are just going out for a walk as you might miss the delicious panipuri or dahivada they are actually going to grab.
The very much popular food among the Indore people. In breakfast they prefer poha-jalebi or kachori over everything. Poha consumed in Indore is much more than any other cities of Malwa.


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