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Iphone users update your Whatsapp ASAP : An update is available which fixes the Face ID bug

A new bug came in front of iOS users which allows anyone to authenticate the app when face ID and touch ID is enabled.

A new update of WhatsApp is available for iOS user which overcomes the biometric authentication bug. This bug allows anyone to access the app when the Face ID or Touch ID authentication is enabled.
WhatsApp had updated the biometric authentication earlier this month which allowed iOS users to enable Face ID or Touch ID for further security. The authentication which was discovered useless by a Redditor.

The Latest update is available on the App Store. The users are advised to update their WhatsApp immediately to overcome the authentication bug.

A function called kick-time was given to the users which have four options – immediately, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour. The users who had selected the option “immediately” were not affected by the bug. The bug was triggered when users would select WhatsApp from the iOS share sheet to share files. This was done without the authentication required.

If users left the share tab and moved directly to the home screen, anyone could open WhatsApp without Face ID or Touch ID. Following the bug discovery, WhatsApp acknowledged the problem and said it would soon roll out a fix. In the meanwhile, users could set Face ID or Touch kick-in time for WhatsApp to immediately.


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