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Punjabi man madly in love with his daughter-in-law kills his own son

A Punjabi man reportedly killed his own son as he wanted to marry his daughter-in-law. On Tuesday, 62 years old Chhota Singh was arrested by Punjab Police for killing his 40 years old son Rajwinder Singh since he was in love with his daughter-in-law Jasvir Kaur.

Chhota Singh had an affair with his daughter-in-law Jasvir. It’s been 12 years since Jasvir and Rajwinder Singh got married. They have 2 kids but there were some issues with their relationship from some time, they both weren’t happy with their relationship, so, Jasvir used to live with Chhota and his wife in a rented apartment in Faridkot city.

During this time Chhota started having affair with Jasvir.
Rajwinder and Jasvir have a son and a daughter. Daughter used to live in Village with sarpanch’s sister while their son used to live with Rajwinder. Chhota dropped the son at his place in Faridkot before killing Rajwinder.

Police said he slit Rajwinder’s neck with some sharp object probably a knife and had hit Rajwinder on the head while he was sleeping. He then chopped Rajwinder’s body in pieces and put them in two sack and went to a nearby pond for the disposal of the body.

At that time his new, Gurcharan Singh woke up and found blood spots in the house and immediately called the police.
Police reached and lodged a report for murdering Rajwinder and disposing of the evidence.


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